SNJ provides billers collecting mailed remittances with the ability to seamlessly outsource the collection and processing of mailed remittances via a centralized image based lockbox collection system.  The lockbox services offered by SNJ provide you with online tools to effectively manage remittances received daily while updating order entry systems automatically from files provided.  Online image retrival systems eliminate the need for costly physical storatge systems and speed overall delivery and processing.  Our central location tends to speed the delivery of your remittances, therefore speeding cashflow.  In addition, rightsourcing processing of remittances to us frees your staff to perform other more important tasks.


Let us do the heavy lifting so your staff can focus on other more important tasks such as customer care and future, ongoing sales.   Using the lockbox services of SNJ can:letter

Speed Cashflow

Improve Quality

Improve Fraud Detection Systems

Free Valuable Internal Staff Resources

Reduce Overall Costs

Seamlessly Update A/R or order entry systems

Allow you to shift staff resources to other more important tasks