Merchants doing business online must offer a variety of payment methods to capture their share of the consumer market.  SNJ provides an e-check offering that has proven to reduce returns while keeping merchants and banks in stable processing.  When direct to consumer merchants come to SNJ with 20% return rates they find with the application of SNJ tools and payment processing expertise return rates are quickly reduced by as much as 60% in some cases.  They also find the experience of the SNJ staff is invaluable when it comes to fighting returns and keeping abreast of industry challenges.  Let SNJ be your payment expert so you don’t have to.


E-checks or remotely created checks have been a tool for billers since before ACH.  They were first introduced by recurring billers such as the insurance company as what was then called the pre-authorized draft.  SNJ uses the e-check as a tool to assist merchants with collecting payments on either single or recurring basis because the e-check has a great deal of space to provide consumers and banks with critical transaction details.  Sometimes the limited descriptor information available on an ACH transaction is just not enough.


We have the ability to print your RCC items for you and deposit them directly into your bank account.  When utilizing this service we apply our fraud mitigation tools to assist with keeping your returns to minimum while insuring you comply with all state and federal regulations.  This service provides a great alternative to ACH when your customer base requires additional information regarding the transaction you are debiting them for.