ACH Tools

General ACH or electronic funds processing is not a commodity, and should always be protected with proper fraud mitigation tools.  You must select a biller or payment processing provider who is an expert in payment processing and who understands the complexities of fraud.

SNJ deploys the right systems, technology and experts to keep merchants processing in a stable environment while banks trust SNJ to do the right thing.  Our services are processor agnostic, as we simply overlay various fraud mitigation tools ahead of items you might submit for final processing.    Constant return and process monitoring allows the merchant, SNJ and the bank to properly monitor and react to out of character transaction patterns before they become a problem.  Not only do we monitor but we have the right tools to apply to correct any processing problems which can come up on occassion.  For instance, what happens if you become a target of fraud and some begins establishing ficticious accounts on your system to pirate goods or services for resale without paying for them.  Can you say your processor has the tools to assist with identifying those situations before they become a larger problem for you?  We believe and promote proactive management which involves various levels of technology, proper transaction authorizations, vetting consumer awareness and understanding and constant monitoring of all aspects.  We look at your process from your customer’s eyes, making certain to eliminate opportunities for misconception, misinterpretation or openings for friendly fraud.


We even offer a return reclamation process that does not cost the consumer any additional fees but gives them the opportunity to reschedule and authorize transactions at their convenience.