Professional staff makes all the difference when it comes to your customer experience. Seasoned representatives are readily available to assist you with fulfillment, order entry, verification and service. Call us and take a low risk test drive.

Finding the right call center for order entry or ongoing customer care can be a daunting task.  SNJ has created a call center environment which is integrated into core systems for order entry, payment processing and customer care.  Our representatives are more than good at reading scripts.  They develop intimate knowledge of your product and company and use that knowledge to improve your overall customer experience.   Our call center programs can be offered in an ala-cart fashion, allowing you to add or take away services you choose.  Some use our call center facilities strictly for order verification or confirmations.  In which case our seasoned staff will be ready and waiting once a sale is completed by your sales staff, the call is then transferred along with the sale API to our system so the agent picking up the transferred call already knows your customer before answering the call.  Having verifications or confirmations conducted by a third party are invaluable to the overall completion of good sales.Why would you trust one of your most precious resources to anyone but the professionals at SNJ. We are here to work with you on a program that exceeds your ongoing expectations. Let SNJ be your billing company while providing all of the necessary fulfillment, order entry and customer care services needed to maintain a strong business day after day, month after month and year after year. That’s why the only right-sourcing involves SNJ as your partner.