When you are conducting business with the consumer you are challenged with making certain the consumers overall experience is positive from start to finish.  Managing this experience begins with proper product presentations, clear disclaimers and definitions and ongoing clear communication.  SNJ offers a wide variety of tools to assist you with managing the consumers impression and overall experience with your company, product and service.  Regardless of how you are taking orders from the consumer you have many facets to consider and monitor to insure you remain compliant with all rules and regulations while managing the expectations of the consumer for the most positive outcome.  Sometimes the smallest things make a huge difference.  This is why we conduct ongoing consumer experience reviews for our merchants to insure the consumer experience is more than positive.  Our goal is to always make certain there is nothing which can be considered deceptive and consumer communications are plentiful and helpful.  In addition, we work to resolve any consumer complaints lodged against our merchants while getting to the root of any issues which might be causing a less than desirable experience for your customer.

Our merchants who take advantage of these services find their customers to be more satisfied while reducing the costs associated with unnecessary returns, charge backs or refunds.  Because this service is so valuable we offer it to both merchants whom utilize our core billing services and those that don’t.

Our 100 point service check up has proven to be effective at putting more dollars into our merchants hands.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, good corporate citizenship as well as responsible community and financial stewardship and expect the same from merchants we do business with.  Our 100 point service check up insures merchants are fair in their consumer dealings, accurately represent their product, terms and conditions and responds properly, to inquiries and complaints.  We understand small business can struggle with meeting all required guidelines and regulations and have established a proven process for assisting merchants with meeting all required elements while keeping management costs to an absolute minimum.

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