If you have a transaction on your bank account made payable to SNJ that means that someone you are doing business with has contracted with SNJ to do their billing.  We are simply a billing company for the merchant.  You may contact us and we can provide you with information regarding the transaction.  Please be certain to have full transaction information available as we will need that to locate the item in our system.  Make certain to provide your ip address as that is one of the unique identifiers we use during online processing sessions.

 If you feel the transaction was done in error please contact us and we will make certain you are promptly refunded.  In addition, the merchants doing business with SNJ take many pre-cautions to avoid fraudulent activity and by communicating directly with the merchant or SNJ we are able to address any suspicious activity immediately.

All of the merchants SNJ does business with follows the FTC guidance for dispute resolution.  Which means you should always contact the merchant and provide them with the opportunity to provide you with satisfaction or resolution to your issue.  In addition, in most cases the merchants SNJ does business with has either a recorded authorization on file for the transaction in question or full transaction history if conduction online which they will provide to assist with transaction investigation.



We investigate all chargebacks thoroughly.  Should a consumer deny a legitimate transaction they may be placed on a blacklist  which can complicate future online purchases for them.  Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action including an impact to personal credit ratings.  We work hard to protect the entire financial food chain and that includes stopping illegal or false claims of fraud.  Should you have any questions or concerns on a transaction your first course of action should always be to contact the merchant.  If you need clarification on this matter one of our seasoned fraud investigators is readily available.

Should you not feel satisfied with the resolution provided by the merchant feel free to contact us.  Keep in mind if the merchant has issued a refund it may take up to 7 banking days for it to reach your bank account.

To submit a transaction inquiry to us please complete and submit our inquiry form.