Predictable cash flow, responsible management of consumer perception are both a significant benefit of doing business with SNJ Billing. Our billing service includes various validation services to include a consumer voice recorded authorization program. Our goal is to not only collect your transactions but to make certain the consumers you are doing business with don’t later come back and dispute your transaction. We have built a program that provides you with predictable collections, cash flow and an ongoing analysis of sales processes to insure the consumer perception is managed in the most effective fashion possible. Our goal is to keep your funds flowing, and late collection or return items to an absolute minimum.

Risk mitigation services include verification of all transactions, check fraud investigations, GPS validations and verbal recordings are part of processing for every transaction at SNJ to minimize opportunity for any type fraud.

Our focus is on making certain both the merchant and consumer understands their responsibility when it comes to authorizing bank or credit card transactions either verbally or during an online session.  We apply various proprietary tools to insure compliance.  We can provide billing for your clients direct, by purchasing the receivable or we can bill your customers using your direct bank relationship.  Either way, we apply the right tools to make certain returns, misunderstandings and fraud are minimized.    

SNJ the leader in billing results.

Real-time processing notifications, advanced security options, ongoing fraud protection, consumer perception management and loss prevention tools.


Notice: When you send SNJ a check or when SNJ is the billing provider for clients and clients cause checks to be sent to SNJ you are authorizing SNJ to use information on your check to make a one-time electronic debit from your account at the financial institution (Bank) indicated on your check.  This electronic debit will be for the exact amount of your check; no additional amount will be added.  If we cannot collect your electronic payment, we will issue a draft against your account for the same.  If you do not have sufficient funds in your account or if your transaction is returned by your bank we may attempt to re-submit the transaction.  If the check is deemed insufficient or we are not able to collect on the item we will debit your account electronically a fee of $15.00.  Should you have any questions or wish discuss other payment options please contact our service department at 877.207.6643.