If you have a customer or member who has a transaction for a penny they do not understand or a transaction from SNJ  means they have authorized a transaction either online or over the phone and also agreed to the penny debit and credit as part of the authorization and verification process.  At the same time the penny item is sent an email was sent to your customer regarding the transaction which also provides a quick link for cancellation of any pending item.

Penny Transaction – many of the merchants that SNJ does business with will send a penny transaction in advance of the live transaction to verify they have all of the account credentials correct to insure there is not a problem or delay with the live debit transaction.  In addition, in most cases this transaction is also used as part of the authorization process.

Transaction made payable to SNJ – many merchants contract with SNJ for various billing services.  In most cases the consumer is told the transaction will appear on their bank statement as SNJ.

Authorizations – transactions conducted over the telephone are recorded, should you wish to hear an actual voice recording feel free to contact us directly or the merchant listed on the item, if a transaction is conducted online there is a tremendous amount of personal data gathered as part of the verification/authorization process making the transaction nearly undeniable.

We need to make certain we  have the opportunity to provide authorization information and issue a refund so we can identify instances of true fraud versus buyers remorse.

Please contact  us or encourage your customer to contact us and we are confident you will find immediate resolution to any issue or question you might have. To inquire on a specific transaction you may call us or complete our transaction inquiry form below.  Fraud Investigation Unit 800.380.7889 x112. Thank you.