At SNJ the only way is the right way and the right way is with integrity and honesty.

The management team at SNJ began their professional career in the banking industry.  The first hand experience they have in payment processing integrity and their overall reputation provides merchants with the partner necessary to have a reliable revenue processing stream.   SNJ is the chosen partner of many because of the way in which they conduct their business each and every day and that is a direct reflection of how the company is managed and the overall team in place at SJN.    At SNJ integrity is not a word used for marketing it is a way of doing business.

Our management team is focused and constantly challenged to make your product offering and overall service experience better.  When you become a customer of SNJ you become a part of our devopment team as your needs increase our products progress to meet those needs and it is the forward thinking of our management team that keeps our products ahead of your needs.  Members of our management team will periodically ask “are we giving you everything you need to conduct business seamlessly?”  or ”is there anything you see we can be doing better?”  it is these questions that make us different.  Our competitors would be afraid of the answers to such questions we want to know as the answers to these questions only help to make us better.